Short sex – it sounds like a curse, doesn’t it? It sure is for some on this planet. Doesn’t matter if old or young, every man will “try” the hardships of this disease at least once in his lifetime. Premature ejaculation means that you are unable to have sex for longer period of time than one minute and less, after which you ejaculate. Now you might be wandering – what can probably help me with this problem? You don’t have to look too far away since our e-shop gives you the best possible option to GET RID of this problem of yours and finally last longer than 5 minutes. WE are introducing you the Dapoxetine 60mg!

You just hold it

There is no need for an operation or therapy, you just need a little resilience to all that sexual arousal. Now we understand that some sexual partners can be so beautiful and attractive that you just burst the first minute they touch you – this flattering thingy will turn into an unpleasant routine soon. With Dapoxetine you don’t have to worry about that since you will be able to thoroughly “explore” the depths of your partner.

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